Parineeti Chopra Ambassador Australia

Parineeti Chopra becomes the first Indian woman Ambassador of Australia tourism.

Parineeti Chopra always leave us stunned with her beauty and talent. The Bollywood diva continued the trend with her another achievement of becoming the first Indian woman ambassador in “Friends of Australia” (FOA).

Initially, FOA programme is a unique way of fostering long-term friendship for the mutual benefits of India and Australia. FOA advocacy panel finds a unique and engaging storyteller to promote the Australian tourism. And, other than the passionate traveler, who could reveal such stories of numerous visiting destinations in an enticing manner? Parineeti is that enthusiastic about traveling that she visits 4-5 new countries every year! Isn’t that too much about managing the work life? But, that’s what is unique about Parineeti, that makes us even more crazier for her!

Parineeti Chopra Ambassador Australia

Parineeti Chopra Ambassador AustraliaAt the press conference, when everyone wanted to know Parineeti’s views on this association with Australia, she claims visiting a country was like meeting a star, to me. She said “ Australia holds an exceptional place in my heart, as I heard and researched a lot about it. I have always seen Australia in TV, movies, and pictures, but then watching the same in person gave me the feeling of meeting a star. My adoration for Australia is like, that when I first visited went to Australia, I literally did a “Saashtang Namankaar” (kissed the ground) after coming out of the airport.”

When it comes to her appointment, Parineeti said “I am extremely delighted today to be appointed as a Friend of Australia, since Australia is my favorite holiday destination. When I visited last year I explored from coastal beauty to rich wildlife, but soon I realized that one trip isn’t enough and still there is a lot to explore. Other than spectacular nature, unique wildlife, world-class food, I felt touched with the warmth and welcome by the people. For my next trip, I am planning to visit Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ayers Rock and to engage in several other adventurous activities. If you are already planning to visit, I surely recommend you to visit these places, because travelling and roaming in Australia gonna give you a lifetime travelling experience.”

This association will further help in strengthening the ties between Australia and India. Followed with this appointment, Parineeti Chopra joined other FOA members from India namely Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Cricket Commentator Harsha Bhogle.

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